See our approach per grade level below:

Preschool: (PK3 – Kindergarten)

Every child acquires knowledge through interactions with parents, peers, and educators. Children’s explorations take on multiple dimensions as they investigate the world using their unique personalities and abilities. At St. Philip’s teachers listen carefully to children’s observations, then collaborate in classroom teams to interpret and document these ideas. Thus, the curriculum builds upon the inherent interests of the students themselves.

The pre-school program at St. Philip’s is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. For over 70 years, this innovative methodology has helped cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and exploration in children around the world. Its guiding belief is that children possess a natural capacity for joy, a sense of wonder and the motivation to make sense of their surroundings. It is a philosophy that has gained international acclaim because of the way it views and respects the potential of a child. This approach is further enhanced by the presence of three, dedicated educators who have been trained in the Reggio Emilia approach and continue to learn and explore ways in which to incorporate its methods in meaningful ways. 

Lower School: (1st through 3rd Grade)

The Primary program is focused on academic, moral and spiritual development in an environment that fosters each child’s natural love of learning. Ample opportunities to excel within a challenging and rigorous academic program include basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, technology, social studies and science. The low student/teacher ratio of 1 to 12 allows teachers and students to work closely together, greatly enhancing the learning process at every age level. By means of traditional academic disciplines integrated with opportunities in the arts and athletics, St. Philip’s emphasizes self-motivation while providing a solid foundation of skills and concepts for continuing education in the Intermediate division.

Intermediate Grades: (4th through 5th)

The program at the Intermediate level seeks to build on the foundational work accomplished in the Early Childhood and Primary stages, building new levels of academic rigor and increased opportunities for moral and spiritual development. Students are encouraged to assume social responsibility by organizing or participating in various local community and international outreach programs. They are also offered leadership opportunities and duties in areas like student council and weekly chapel services through roles as readers, speakers and acolytes. In addition, students in the Grades 4-5 learn to seamlessly integrate technology into their everyday learning by participating in a laptop program.

Equipped with high expectations, leadership skills, intellectual prowess and steadfast principles, St. Philip’s graduates emerge as grounded, well-rounded young scholars who are welcomed into the finest middle schools in the area.