More and more the arts are playing a vital role in education and learning.  The arts introduce students to ways of thinking that are based on imagination and judgment. St. Philip’s provides a safe, nurturing environment in which all young artists may experience success. Students are given the opportunity to experience and explore a wide variety of media, styles, and artistic techniques. The basic knowledge and application of art elements and principles of design are an important part of the art curriculum. The Visual Arts are integrated into other subject areas and enrich student learning across grade levels.

The core elements of the St. Philip’s art program are as follows.

  • Explore the great art, artists, and cultures of the world.
  • Develop skills to understand and appreciate the artwork.
  • Develop knowledge of the elements and principles of visual art.

Artist in Residence

Here at St. Philip’s, we believe that our children live in a world rich with talent. The St. Philip’s Artist in Residence program aims to enrich the school lives of our children by bringing those talented members of their community into the classroom.