Foreign Languages

The goal of the St. Philip’s foreign language program is to give each child an appreciation, enjoyment, and knowledge of the language and cultures that are such an important part of our greater community. Both French and Spanish are introduced in preschool with half a year for each language.  Rising first graders must select their language of choice for continued studies.  Classes are held three times a week for Grade 1 through Grade 5, and two times a week for PreK3, PreK4 and Kindergarten. This program is designed to help students acquire both the written and verbal skills necessary to communicate effectively in their target language.  In addition, Latin is introduced as a vibrant and important language, and students are exposed to the rich history and cultural importance of this language. Fourth and fifth graders receive instruction in Latin as a foreign language, and as part of the language arts curriculum for vocabulary enhancement. Latin classes meet for forty-five minutes twice weekly.  The foreign language program aims to promote cultural awareness through the study of the culture and of the countries where the target language is spoken.  Foreign Language objectives are met using a variety of strategies including those outlined below.

  • A natural, contextual approach to spoken language
  • The use of songs, poems, stories, movement
  • Conversations, teacher-directed activities, intonation and inflection exercises and music
  • Creative use of technology
  • Engaging, relevant cultural activities