1st through 3rd Grade

In the 1st through 3rd grade, we focus on academic, moral, and spiritual development in an environment that fosters each child’s natural love of learning. Ample opportunities to excel within a challenging and rigorous academic program include basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, technology, social studies and science. The low student/teacher ratio of 1 to 12 allows teachers and students to work closely together, greatly enhancing the learning process at every age level.

By means of traditional academic disciplines integrated with opportunities in the arts and athletics, St. Philip’s emphasizes self-motivation while providing a solid foundation of skills and concepts for continuing education in the Intermediate division.

4th & 5th Grade

The the 4th and 5th grade program seeks to build on the foundational work accomplished in the Early Childhood and Primary stages, building new levels of academic rigor and increased opportunities for moral and spiritual development.

Students are encouraged to assume social responsibility by organizing or participating in various local community and international outreach programs. They are also offered leadership opportunities and duties in areas like Student Council and weekly chapel services through roles as readers, speakers, and acolytes. In addition, students in the Grades 4-5 learn to seamlessly integrate technology into their everyday learning by participating in a 1-1 iPad program.