The music program at St. Philip’s aims to enrich the lives of its students through the exploration of music. Students in PreK3 through Grade 5 have bi-weekly music instruction with a focus on music appreciation and participation. In addition, knowledge of music technology, music history, music theory, and music culture is woven through the music curriculum. In addition to the annual Christmas program, students showcase their talents at Thanksgiving/Grandparent’s Day, Spring Musical and year-end Preschool and Kindergarten performances. 


In addition to music class, St. Philip’s students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 participate in the school’s violin program. In addition to creating an awareness and appre­ciation of music through hands-on study of the violin, the lessons assist children developmentally as they hone their fine motor skills, organization, left-to-right eye movement, and listening skills. The school provides each student with a violin for use during the class, specifically designed to accommodate young children. The curricu­lum teaches the fundamentals of music theory and ear training. As skills advance, so does the repertoire and level of performance. Violin students improve their ability to focus and gain a great sense of accomplishment and self-confidence as a result of their progress.

Chorister Program

Under the leadership of Mr. Harrell, students in Grades 3 through 5 participate in our Royal School of Church Music Chorister Program.  Through this program, titled Voice for Life, students have fun singing choral music together while learning the basics of musical notation during their school music classes.

The Voice for Life curriculum covers the following basic areas:

  • Using the voice well – Students learn basic vocal technique and how to sing together as a choir.
  • Musical skills & understanding – Singers are introduced to the basics of music theory and notation, which will be a beneficial lifelong skill that they can apply in playing other instruments long after they graduate from St. Philip’s.
  • Musical Repertoire – Singers are encouraged to research the background of the music they are singing,  including the historical background and understanding of the style/genre of the music.
  • Belonging to the Choir – Just as in belonging to a sports league, singing in a choir develops teamwork skills. Each chorister is a vital part of the choir, and through working together they build self-confidence and develop pride in their musicianship.
  • Choir in Context – This module encourages singers to understand the theology behind the music they sing, reinforcing what they are learning in Sacred Studies and in Wednesday Chapel services.