Admission FAQ’s

What grades does St. Philip’s School serve?

St. Philip’s begins with a PreK3 program for children who turn 3-years-old on or before September 1st and continues through Grade 5.

How do I begin the application process?

To begin the application process, please submit an online application . Click here to learn more.

Do you have to be a parishioner to apply?

As an Episcopal parish school, and the primary out reach of St. Philip’s Church, we take into consideration whether an applicant’s family is an established and active member of St. Philip’s Parish. Members are given priority in the application process. However, St. Philip’s has an open admission policy and families of all faiths are welcome to apply. Interested parents are encouraged to learn more about the School through visits to the website and the School campus.

Does St. Philip’s offer tuition assistance?

St. Philip’s offers need-based tuition assistance. Anyone is welcome to apply for tuition assistance. Admission decisions are in no way influenced by a request for aid. Grants are made for one year. It is necessary to apply each year tuition assistance is needed. For more information visit the Tuition Assistance section of this website.

Does St. Philip’s offer preference for siblings?

St. Philip’s understands and values the importance of family. For this reason, St. Philip’s offers preference to qualified siblings. All siblings are required to go through the complete application process and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Is there a deadline for submission of an application?

Due to the relatively few openings available annually, we strongly encourage parents to apply early.  Present students are re-enrolled by the second week of February.  After that date, we will begin to consider candidates in the applicant pool.

What is the Waiting Pool?

Those children who satisfy the requirements for admission, but for whom no space is immediately available, will be assigned to the waiting pool, from which places will be filled as they occur. Families of students who are admitted into the waiting pool, will be personally notified by a member of the Admission Team via email.  The application will remain current at no additional fee. Families will be contacted if an opening becomes available at any time throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to contact the school on a regular basis to determine the status of your child’s application.

Is it necessary to re-apply every school year?

Families whose children do not gain admission to the school in a given year must notify the Admission Office if they wish for them to continue to be candidates for the next grade in the following year.  There is no re-application fee.

Is this school authorized to enroll non-immigrant alien students?

Yes, please contact Mrs. Olsen in the Admission Office if the applicant requires an I-20 form.