St. Philip’s is a small, neighborhood school by design. This is a community that prizes learning for learning’s sake, and where students, faculty, and administrators strive daily for improvement and meaning. Equipped with high expectations, leadership skills, intellectual prowess and steadfast principles, St. Philip’s graduates emerge as grounded, well-rounded young scholars who are welcomed into the finest middle schools in the area.

Academic Excellence

By means of traditional disciplines, St. Philip’s academic program builds a solid foundation for continuing education beyond Fifth Grade. The School aims to encourage the natural curiosity of children and to foster a genuine love of learning. This is a school that seeks not only to provide children with the tools, methods, and strategies necessary for the acquisition of learning but also to engender in each student a sense of wonder, an insatiable curiosity and a deep appreciation for the ideas, emotions, and values expressed through the rich curriculum and community relationships.

Episcopal Ethos

Since its beginning in 1953, St. Philip’s has been committed to the moral and spiritual development of its students and to the education of the whole person. As an Episcopal school, its mission is not merely to educate students in the traditional sense but to embrace the value and ideals of the Episcopal Faith. The Christian ethos is fully integrated into the School’s practices and daily life through weekly chapel service and chapel chats, Sacred Studies and community service and outreach programs. Embedded in the culture of the School are clearly defined standards of loving and responsible behavior that is highlighted in themes explored in Chapel and the School’s Character Education Program, and in the ways that adults and children respect and treat one another.

Parents as Partners

At St. Philip’s we understand that parental involvement is integral to the success of our students. We consider parents are our partners in our efforts to educate each child intellectually, physically and spiritually. St. Philip’s provides a wide range of opportunities for families to become involved in the school lives of their children. From reading a story in PreK3 class to acting as a chaperone on the Fifth Grade trip to Washington D.C., we encourage parents to engage in a meaningful way with St. Philip’s students throughout their child’s tenure at St. Philip’s.