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St. Philip’s Episcopal School provides an exceptional educational experience, guided by 
outstanding professionals, in a safe, caring community.

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“St. Philip’s gave me safe and comfortable place to learn and grow in. The faculty and staff in the school shaped me into the person I am today. It has and always will be a second home to me.”

Daniel SaucedaSt. Philip’s Class of 2012, Grade 10, Ransom Everglades School

“Our daughter is excited to go to school each and every day. Each day when she comes home, we see a little growth in her, intellectually, spiritually and physically.

Jacques HartRoar Media, CEO

“ I like my teachers. I like doing PE. I like playing with lego. I like playing soccer. I like to play with my friends.”

Tomas P. Kindergarten

“St. Philip’s is more than just a school; it is a genuine community.  As a mother, I know that it sometimes takes a village to raise a child.  The St. Philip’s community is as caring and dedicated a village as one could hope for.”

Eleanor Barnett2016 - 2017 President, St. Philip’s School Home Association

“I love St. Philip’s because it feels like home.”

Nina G. Grade 5

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Summer and New Family Information

The School has put together a Quick Guide to Summer Page in order for you to easily access summer information and to plan for the fall. Click here to view.

New Student Information

If you have a new student, please click here to visit the New Family Information Page.*

*Any family with a new student is considered a new family.