Student Council

St. Philip’s Student Council is one of the many opportunities for student leadership. The Student Council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the St. Philip’s community. Members raise funds for school-wide activities and outreach projects.

The Student Council is made up of a Grade 5 Executive Board and class representatives from Grades 3 through 5. The members of the Executive Board are elected by the student body at the end of every school year and serve for the duration of the following school year. Class representatives are elected by their respective classes each fall.

The Student Council meets regularly with their faculty and parent advisors. Together with their advisors, they set the vision for the school year — they share possible fund-raising ideas, and actively participate in monthly “Change for Good” charitable activities.

Executive Board 2019-2020

  • President – Andres Lopez-Gottardi
  • Vice President – Nicolas Altaba
  • Secretary – Veronica Font
  • Treasurer – Coley Hucks
  • Sergeant at Arms- Ari Hernandez
  • Historian – Valentina Castro
  • Chaplain – Ryan Eichhorn
Parents Advisors:
Essie Altaba and Jenny Lopez-Gottardi
Faculty Advisors:
Ms. Caro Guara, Ms. Nicole de la Fuenta and Mrs. Blanca Famadas
Student Outreach:
One of the primary responsibilities of the Student Council is to lead the St. Philip’s School outreach efforts. The Student Council spearheads a variety of programs supporting national charitable organizations and the needs of our community.