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Enrichment Program

As an extension of St. Philip’s Episcopal School After School Program, Enrichment classes are designed to complement a rigorous day of academic learning. By providing students with invaluable opportunities to explore, Enrichment classes help nurture students’ creative and extracurricular interests. These classes enhance a student’s education by bringing new concepts to light or by using old concepts in new ways. Activities are fun for the student, but they also impart knowledge.


Nutrition Program

St. Philip’s is committed to its mission in all areas which includes caring for the physical wellness of our students. Nutrition is an essential part of our school programs.




Educating our students physically is one of the three tenants of our mission. Today more than ever, children are living in a fast-paced, virtual-reality, high-stress world. Study after study has shown that when children are under stress and pressure their learning and well-being suffers.

Physical Education

Physical Education

All classes from Kindergarten through Grade 5 have organized physical education classes four days a week. PK-3 and PK-4 have organized P.E. twice a week and outdoor free play several times daily. P.E. includes a fun and imaginative array of games and competitions that exercise and challenge each child’s athletic abilities and promote sportsmanship.