Athletics Program

The St. Philip’s Episcopal School sports program is an all-inclusive program that focuses on skill development. It is organized into three seasons: fall, winter, and spring, all requiring separate registration. The program offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports under the supervision of professional coaches.  Under the guidance of Coach Exposito, the sports program is available to students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Our school teams will play in different leagues around the Coral Gables community. Coach Exposito will coordinate games and league play on a seasonal basis.


All team members must participate in practice. In order to ensure the safety of the students, those who do not wish to participate will be signed into After-Care. If a problem regarding participation persists, the parents will be contacted to discuss other options.

Safety Equipment

  • Participants must wear proper safety equipment to each practice and game.
  • Soccer participants must have rubber cleats and shin guards in order to participate.
  • Flag football participants must have rubber cleats and mouthpieces.
  • Basketball participants must wear the appropriate athletic shoes and mouthpieces.
  • Students can wear their school uniforms or bring a change of sports attire clothing.
  • Players not wearing appropriate equipment for practices will be signed into After-Care.

Game Time

Players must arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game. This time will be used for warm-up, for stretching, and for discussing game strategy. Please have your children at the games on time.


The full team uniform is required to be worn for each game. Players who wear a different game uniform will not be allowed to play. (One uniform will be provided to each student for all sports).


Registration in the after-school sports program is a commitment for the child to be in attendance during practices and games. In the event that a player cannot attend a game, the parent or student should inform the coach as soon as possible.

The Role of the Coach

The role of the coach is to provide a safe, instructional, and fun environment for the student-athlete. It is expected that the coach will set a good example for the participants at practice and during each game. Each coach is required to show good sportsmanship and respect for officials and opposing players, coaches, parents, and fans.

Pickup and Dismissal Procedure

At practice times, participants will be picked up from the campus holding area and escorted to the field by their coach. At the conclusion of practice, participants are to be signed out by parents.  Students who are not picked up on time will be signed in to after care at an additional cost.

Rainy Day Practice Procedure

If practice is canceled, students will stay with their assigned coach in after care or the media center. Coaches will be instructed to stay with their assigned team until practice is over. There will be no additional cost for this.

Rainy Day Game Procedure

If you are unsure about the weather before leaving your house for the game, please call Coach David Vasquez for game status.