Nutrition Program


St. Philip’s is committed to its mission in all areas which includes caring for the physical wellness of our students. Nutrition is an essential part of our school programs. 

St. Philip’s provides a full-service snack and lunch program for all of its students. This program is developed and directed by RCatering, Inc. Chef Richard has been providing delicious, nutritious meals for children for more than seven years. Chef Richard believes that developing good eating habits and learning about nutrition should start from early childhood. Chef Richard partners with our teachers to help our students learn about nutrition and the benefits of healthy choices. 


St. Philip’s Episcopal School is an allergy aware campus.  Allergy action plans are developed by the school nurse for each student with an allergy. The nurse also works closely with the faculty and staff to develop a cohesive approach to allergy management including the proper emergency use of an Epi-pen. For more information about allergy awareness at St. Philip’s please contact our nurse, Stephanie Begert at

“Get involved” – SHA Wellness Committee

The St Philip’s School Home Association has a group of parents supported by the school nurse who are committed to encouraging health and wellness in our community. This group meets monthly to plan, create, and brainstorm ways to educate our children, families, and the entire community on creating a healthier and happier tomorrow. Contact our school nurse, Stephanie, at in order to get involved!